Why 5-Reel Slot Machines are the Most Popular 

 June 20, 2022

Usually, 5-reel clots are complex compared to the 3-reel slots. As a result, they require different approaches in playing strategy and bankroll.

Playing five-reel slots including megaway slots comes with many advantages. To start with, they have added symbols and game features both in the base and bonus games. Consequently, these slots have increased the potential payouts. These slots also have improved graphics and sound, enhancing your gaming experience.

Find out more about these slots by reading on.

Top Reasons Why 5 Reel Slots are Popular

The reasons for the increased popularity of 5 reel slots are many. Here are some of the top reasons.

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Adjustable Paylines

Five reel slots have several paylines, allowing gamers to land more winning combos. While the number of paylines may exceed 100, most slots will have between 10 and 50 paylines.

In most titles, these lines are adjustable, allowing punters to choose the lines they wish to activate and bet on. However, some 5-reel slots come with fixed paylines, which means players cannot choose the lines they wish to bet on.

User-Friendly Interface

Gamers are unlikely to face any challenges when playing the 5-reel slots as they have an easy-to-navigate user interface. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the button to regulate the coins per line and their value. Next to this button is the overall amount per bet. If you wish to place the maximum amount, click on the Max Bet Button.

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Bonus Spins

5-reel slots often include the bonus spin feature. The bonus spins are triggered when one hits three or more “free spins” symbols, or lands on many scatter symbols on the reels. Usually, the number of spins you get depends on the individual slot and sometimes on the number of scatters you get. It is possible to re-trigger the bonus spins on some slots.

Bonus Games

Another reason why 5-reel slots are standard is because of their bonus in-game. Special bonus features trigger the bonus games. These games usually have a theme that fits the overall slot theme. These bonus games are easy to play and do not require extra techniques. In most cases, players must match two or three matching symbols or merely spin the reels with guaranteed extra payouts.

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As far as 5-reel slots are concerned, players have a choice of both low and high variance games. High variance slots payout less often, but have the payouts are pretty substantial. Such slots are ideal for high-risk-takers players and have a bankroll that will sustain them through the losses. For gamers who prefer more action but have limited bankroll, low variance slots are the way to go. Low variance slots payout frequently, but the amounts are lower.

Undoubtedly, 5-reel slots are a popular option for many casino players. These slots offer gamers more options in terms of features and symbols. As a result, gamers can anticipate bigger payouts than the classic 3-reel slots. The user interface is equally easy to navigate, which makes play straightforward.

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