Tips to Secure HughesNet Internet Wi-Fi 

 August 31, 2022

We all know how vital the internet is! No one can imagine their lives without the internet because our every task depends on it. Whether it is about gathering data for an assignment or ordering a drink, people need access to the internet 24/7.

The internet, without a doubt, brings economic opportunities as well! Therefore, people use the internet because it provides valuable information that benefits people in several ways. This is why Wi-Fi networks were introduced so people can use the internet wherever they want. But you should always look for an internet provider that can offer reliable internet services. The ISPs cannot be trusted as they can track your internet activities and then sell them to others to make money. You can visit the page TV and internet packages if you want to get the services of a trustworthy internet provider. Consider the example of everyone’s favorite HughesNet! The provider offers excellent internet packages, so all your work is done without any connectivity issues.

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However, one should be careful about their online activities because today, it is much easier for hackers to hack devices. With the surge in internet usage, cyber crimes have also increased. Hackers can easily steal the data for their malicious activities. A good internet provider can offer you excellent security features, but the onus is on you to make use of them. Even if you are a HughesNet user, you should take the necessary precautions listed down to ensure your online security. Do not get intimidated as an internet user. Taking measures to secure your network is essential no matter which internet provider you opt for.

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Change the Default Username and Password

Once the professional technician setups your Wi-Fi connection, you should change the default name and the password.

Internet users should not rely on the default username and password as it is much easier for hackers to attack. A default password makes the router more vulnerable to attacks, and hackers look for such opportunities. Always choose a good name for the router and ensure you do not give a personal name to your Wi-Fi.

The next step is to choose a strong password that should be at least twelve to eighteen characters long and should be complex. Do not give the credentials to any outsider ever. Lastly, change your username and password every few months to maintain the security of your Wi-Fi network.

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Create a Separate Network for the Guests

If your house is flooded with guests, you should consider creating a guest network for them. You cannot trust the guests as well! After all, it is about your data, so do not take the security of your network lightly and create a separate network for them.

HughesNet is a proud provider that uses advanced technology to enable the user to create a guest network. Your guest can use the separate network, and even if their devices are hacked or contain viruses, your device will not be compromised. As a result, your primary Wi-Fi network will remain secure, as the third party cannot track down your internet activities.

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Turn Your Wi-Fi Off

Usually, internet users do not pay heed to the importance of this step. When you are going out with friends or if you are sleeping, you should turn off your Wi-Fi.

A network that is available all the time is more prone to cyber-attacks. So, do not give hackers the chance to break into your Wi-Fi network by making it available 24/7. We do need internet all the time but not our home network! You have an office to attend or restaurants to visit, and you are likely to use it over there.

Update the Router’s Firmware

Just like your applications and software, your router’s firmware should also be updated. The routers have built-in software that plays an essential role in the basic function of the Wi-Fi network.

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The updates are important, as they eliminate weaknesses and enhance the device’s security. Go to settings to check if any update is available or not. Do not worry! This step is not time-consuming at all. Occasionally, check the website for news regarding the updates. You can also contact the support team of HughesNet for more information regarding their internet and Wi-Fi security, and the team will be more than happy to help.


Final Thoughts 

Most Wi-Fi devices come with secure built-in features, but you still need to ensure that you use the above tips. You should not take any risk by leaving any step, as it is much easier for hackers to steal your data. We do understand that there are several internet providers, and selecting anyone can be difficult. So, always choose a trustworthy provider and take the necessary steps to step up your security so you can use the internet without any issues.

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