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On the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island you can find quests for island tokens and the rewards for completing them 

 August 10, 2022

The most exciting aspect of Lost Ark is without a doubt discovering the mysteries that are hidden on the Islands and learning what they have to offer. But navigating the treacherous waters of Arkesia’s oceans is not exactly a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. If you wish to explore its islands without coming across any difficulties along the way, it is imperative that you have the best crew and ship possible with you at all times. This is due to the fact that it is common knowledge that the islands are hazardous.


Lost Ark is the name of the most recent iteration of the massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that was developed by Smilegate RPG and released with great success. The game was also published by Smilegate, the company that developed it. You are free to experiment with a huge selection of different builds, including paladin builds, glaivier builds, berserker builds, and a lot of other options as well. The extensive character-customization options that Lost Ark provides make this possible, and it is provided to you as a means of assisting you in your conquest of the oceans that surround Arkesia. The appearance of your character can be customized using these builds, giving you more control over how they look. You have the opportunity to earn rewards that include a variety of different treasures in addition to lost ark gold if you successfully complete Una’s Tasks, locate treasure using Treasure maps, or successfully complete challenge runs in the Lost Ark Training room. These activities all give you the chance to earn rewards.

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The Drumbeat Island coordinates are included in the information that is contained within Lost Ark. The rice cake batter that makes up Drumbeat Island accidentally fell from the sky and landed on this spot, which resulted in the formation of this island.

The island known as Drumbeat is located in close proximity to the coast of the North Vern continent, more specifically the eastern coast.

  • You will need to use a ship that was part of the Lost Ark in order to get to Drumbeat Island, and there were several different ships in the ark
  • Because it is what’s known as an adventure island, Drumbeat Island is not easily accessible to guests who simply wish to go there whenever they please
  • In contrast to other islands, such as Fermata, also called the Cradle of the Sea, this one isn’t as historically significant
  • These times have been calculated based on specific time calculations
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Checking the Procyon Compass, which is located just below the mini-map, will tell you when it will be possible to travel to this island. You might find it helpful to first read through our guide on the engravings that are found on the Lost Ark before moving on to the next step in the process. Before moving on, you will need to complete this step.

These items are dispersed across the various islands in the game, so locating them should not present you with any difficulties. You have the power to acquire each and every one of them! I am sorry to have to break the news to those of you who have made the long journey to this island in the hope of finding Makoko Seeds, but I must tell you that your search will not be fruitful on this particular island.

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Drumbeat Island Location Token that can be redeemed on the Island for a Drumbeat Island Location.
Drumbeat Island is one of the 91 different islands that can be found in Lost Ark. It is one of the islands that is known to contain either Tokens or Souls, two different unique collectibles that can only be found on that island, and it is one of the islands that is known to contain either of these unique collectibles.

The process of acquiring a token for Drumbeat Island is quite involved and requires you to complete a variety of different quests in order to be successful. If you want to be able to access the island, you will need this token. To earn a token for Drumbeat Island, you must first complete the quests that are listed below in order of increasing difficulty. Therefore, in order to acquire the Token that can be found on Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark, make sure that you follow our guide in a methodical manner. If you do so, you will be successful in acquiring the Token. You will now be able to successfully acquire the Token as a result of this. There, he will be waiting for you to arrive as scheduled in accordance with the plans. Utilize the nearby telescope to its full potential, and maintain a heightened state of vigilance in the event that you notice anything falling from the sky. After you have finished presenting Scholar Obitan with the results of your investigation, he will give you the task of going and collecting the shards that have fallen from the sky.

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Once you have completed the previous quest in this series, the next part of the chain will begin automatically when you interact with the shards that have fallen to the ground. Why don’t you make the most of this opportunity and learn how to build rapport with the non-player characters in the game by reading through our guide on Lost Ark Rapport and learning how to do so?

Dangerous Debris
You won’t be able to start the Dangerous Debris quest until you’ve had some kind of interaction with the first shard. Until then, it won’t be possible for you to start the quest. It is up to you to gather 300 shard fragments within the allotted amount of time in order to finish this quest in a successful manner. A time limit has been imposed on your efforts. If you are successful in completing this quest, you will be able to obtain the token for Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark. This token will allow you to access the island.

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The Object That Descended From the Heavens! Before you can begin this challenge, you need to make sure that you are in possession of the rabbit hammer, which can be found to the right of the arena. You won’t be able to finish it unless you do what’s required here.

The remaining steps are simple

All you have to do is watch out for the smaller blob creatures and aim your attacks at the larger one that is located in the center of the screen. If you don’t finish this quest within a certain time window, you won’t be able to claim the rewards that are associated with it. This window of opportunity lasts for a certain amount of time.

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After you have successfully completed this quest with flying colours, you will almost certainly be awarded the Drumbeat Island Token as a memento of your accomplishment. If you continue to compete in this event until you have triumphed in at least one of them, you will give yourself the best possible chance of being successful. This is the best option available to you and will provide you with the greatest number of chances to be successful.

The fact that exploration of Drumbeat Island is not always feasible was another point that was brought up earlier. As a consequence of this, it is absolutely necessary for you to take part in this competition on as regular of a basis as possible and win the prizes that are associated with it.

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In addition to the Island Token, the following items can be acquired upon successful completion of the Mysterious Object quest chain. This is assuming that the chain has been completed successfully.
10,000 Pirate Coins
2,033 Roster XP 1,875 silver
70Roster XP
Booster pack featuring uncommon cards with the theme of the Treasure Chest of the High Seas.
It has been given the titles of Legendary Stone of Providence and Soul Leaf, both of which are extremely prestigious ratings.
Drumbeat Island Provides Visitors with Excursions That Have a Total Value of One Thousand Gienah Coins Each.
Guests who pay a visit to Drumbeat Island can choose to embark on either of the two quests that are available to them while they are there. Let’s talk about the quest Lingering Questions and the rewards it offers instead because the Mysterious Object quest was already explained as part of the process of acquiring an island token. Because the Mysterious Object quest was already explained as part of the process of acquiring an island token, let’s talk about the quest Lingering Questions instead.

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When we talk about the rewards, why don’t you take a look at our guides on the Best Hunting Spots and the Best Mining Spots to find out where the most valuable materials are located in Lost Ark and how you can get your hands on them?

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