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Get the Edge on the House: Mastering the Blackjack Strategy of When to Hit or Stand 

 June 27, 2022

Blackjack strategy is all about playing the odds, and some of the most important decisions you’ll make are when to hit or stand in blackjack. There are times with 20Bet when you should hit, and there are times when you should stand, but it can be difficult to know when each of these actions will give you the best chance at winning without making it more likely that you’ll bust.

We’ve put together this list of four instances where hitting or standing can help you win more often while playing blackjack online.

1) Knowing which strategy works for you

There are dozens of strategy options for blackjack, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Some work better in certain casino conditions (the dealer is a bit of a wild card and on tilt, for example), while others give you more wiggle room when it comes to the average bet size. That said, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Use your gut and choose which strategy works best for you.

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2) Comparing your hand against the dealer’s cards

Many beginners think they’re supposed to choose between hitting and standing. This isn’t true. It’s important to first look at your hand, figure out if you have anything over 21 (the number of points needed in blackjack to win), and then make a decision based on that calculation.

Then, compare it against what the dealer has been dealt. Your ultimate goal is simply not to go over 21 while trying to get as close as possible without busting, but be mindful of going under (that means losing). Learn when you should stand and when you should hit with these simple tips and strategies!

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3) Complementary strategies

The first is called playing it out. This means, that if you have a 16, you hit. If you have an 11, however, it’s best to hit again (if your dealer has a 4 up), but if he has something like a 6 up or 5 up, then it’s better to stay. A lot of casinos only pay 6/5 on hands of 11 and lower if they are not dealt another card.

4) Basic strategy

What should you do when you get dealt a 16 against a dealer’s ten in blackjack (or 18 versus a five)? A basic strategy allows you to know exactly what moves to make in any situation. Figuring out your basic strategy will help eliminate a lot of guesswork from your blackjack play and give you more time to focus on decisions involving risk, such as doubling down.

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The rules for using basic strategy vary depending on where you’re playing, but even if it’s not allowed at your casino, many online tools can help players develop their basic strategies for playing in any situation.


Whenever you play blackjack, it’s important to follow a good strategy to minimize the house edge against you and give yourself the best chance of winning. One element of blackjack strategy is knowing when to hit or stand based on your cards and the dealer’s face-up card.

While this can be confusing at first, using some simple strategies outlined below can help you make an informed decision on how to play your hand in any given situation. By following these strategies, you’ll significantly reduce the house edge over time and increase your chances of winning money at blackjack.

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