Deriv Review: Is it safe or a scam in 2022? 

 December 7, 2022

A well-known broker is Deriv. The broker recently developed and improved its products and services to better meet customers’ needs. With this circumstance, the company introduced Deriv as its new brand. What differentiates Deriv from the previous company? The broker claims to be adaptable and reliable, with over 100 trading assets available, including binary options. In this  Deriv review , we will discuss whether it is safe or scam.

Is Deriv regulated – Customers’ safety and regulation

Regulation protects you from scammers. Many scams are circulating online these days, and we must be cautious.

As traders, we understand that the safety of our money is our top priority when making investment decisions. Regulation is essential in trading because a broker cannot operate legally unless authorized and regulated. This protects you because the broker is known to be legitimate and reliable because of this regulation.

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Several entities regulate Deriv, ensuring their systems are in place to prevent their clients. The Malta Financial Services Authority, the Labuan Financial Services Commission, the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, and the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission are among these regulators.

Since its inception in the trading industry, Deriv has been known as a reliable broker. The company is honest and values the trust of its customers. It is safe and secure, and multiple regulatory bodies govern it. The firm does not combine its clients’ funds with its own. Deriv ensures the safety of its traders’ funds by segregating them and allowing customers to withdraw money at any time. There is a customer funds safety. Deriv has expansive leverage, which can reach as high as 1:1000.

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Deriv uses SSL web verification to protect sensitive customer information. Clients can rely on the stock broker to protect confidential data because their safety regulations are industry-standard.

Customer funds are financially secure

We traders want to ensure the security of our money/funds before making any investment. Deriv is the best forex brokers in Australia that ensures its customers’ money/funds are not used in any of its business interests by storing them in a secure and licensed institution. Furthermore, the trader can withdraw their funds at any time.

Furthermore, a trader is protected in the unlikely event that Deriv becomes bankrupt; all of the client’s money will be returned to them because it was never combined with the company’s money.

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The company claims to meet strict ethical and regulatory guidelines. Furthermore, the broker inspires its clients to engage in responsible and secure trading. Deriv so-called ‘practice secure and responsible trading’ is informative and assists customers in their business journey.

How to avoid Trading Scams in Deriv

Identifying genuine brokers

With so many scammers on the online platform, we must take every precaution possible to prevent falling into their trap. So, how do you tell the difference between genuine online trading platforms?

Here are our suggestions:

They are generally governed.

Make sure the current trading platform and broker are both regulated. To protect traders, various regulatory authorities monitor online trading brokers.

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They confirm your identity.

Before trading, all regulated trading brokers require traders to verify their details. This is required to follow the regulatory bodies’ laws and regulations.

They have a proven track record.

Ensure that you do your research on the reputation of a broker. Check out reviews, see what other traders say in trading forums, and learn everything you can about a broker before trading.

They do not appear to be “too good to be true.”

If the promises of a platform or broker of high returns or consistent profits appear too good to be true, they usually are. Trust your senses and avoid vibrant advertisements. Legitimate trading platforms a never guarantee high profits. Keep in mind nothing in trading is assured.

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Is Deriv a trustworthy company? – We believe: Yes, high-paying broker.

Deriv has been operating legally in the trading industry for over 20 years, and it has been improved, developed, and is still growing. The company encourages innovation and focuses on providing outstanding customer service. The restructuring provided more opportunities and alternatives for traders regarding how they wanted their trades to proceed.

It allows you to trade and select from over 100 assets, including Forex, stocks, goods and services, and indices. It also has a large selection of options trading. The platforms are straightforward, user-friendly, and competitive.

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